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  • Allerase™ Allerase™


    Naturally, get relief for seasonal and other respiratory irritants.* The body inhales at least 20 billion particles every day, making environmental and seasonal challenges inevitable. These challenges can cause a variety of discomforts...

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  • BosMed® Respiratory Support*

    BosMed® Respiratory Support*

    Supports Healthy Bronchial, Lung and Sinus Function*With Clinically Studied Boswellia BosMed Respiratory Support* provides potent herbal ingredients for: Healthy bronchial, lung, and sinus function A healthy immune response* A safe and...

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  • Breathe Again

    Breathe Again

    Hypertonic Saline Seawater Rinse   Breathe Again is a European product that consists of naturally sourced seawater from the Atlantic Ocean. Its properties make it an ideal solution to help dry, stuffy noses caused by colds and allergies. Breathe...

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  • Bronchial Clear™

    Bronchial Clear™

    Supports Healthy Lung and Upper Respiratory Function* It’s the Best The synergistic combination of Thyme and Ivy Extracts in Bronchial Clear has a dual-action effect on the upper respiratory airways, including the lungs. These clinically...

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  • Bronchial Clear™ Liquid

    Bronchial Clear™ Liquid

    Supports Healthy Lung & Upper Respiratory Function*Great for Children & Adults • Soothing Support • Non-Drowsy • Non-Habit Forming Bronchial Clear LiquidStrong, safe ingredients that work great together: Thyme (Thymus...

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  • Bronchosan Liquid Bronchosan Liquid

    Bronchosan Liquid

    Supports the natural cleansing action in the lungs and trachea* Gentle, soothing effect on the throat* Efficacy supported by a clinical study. Holistically standardized to the whole plant. This exclusive formula combines Ivy, Thyme, and Licorice with the...

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  • MucoStop™ MucoStop™


    Breathe easy again, whether or not seasonal irritants are swirling around you.   The Mucolase™ enzyme in Mucostop targets and breaks down excess mucus, helping you breathe better in any season.* And this all-natural solution clears out the...

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  • Muscle Relax*†

    Muscle Relax*†

    Relieves Occasional Muscle Cramps*† Muscle Relax† contains calcium lactate to replenish calcium lost from soft tissues due to exhaustion, stress and excessive sun exposure.* Relieves occasional muscle cramps† Helps legs and feet...

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  • Oil of Garlic

    Oil of Garlic

    Oil of Garlic 2-ounce oil   Garlic is an herbal supplement for the circulatory, immune, respiratory and digestive systems. Oil of Garlic has been used historically to treat ear infections.     Shake well before opening. Apply externally as...

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