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AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS…………AGAIN after a heart attack

AND THE JOURNEY BEGINS…………AGAIN after a heart attack

Posted by Sean Eagan on Mar 31st 2020

So, this blog post is more about my journey back to health, and these will be personal posts away from the norm on specific topics. I will provide links to the products I use personally. This includes a variety of supplements. As I explain more in my background, you will see that I don’t have an ordinary journey back to health and that some of the supplements are specialty supplements aiding me in my journey.

Let me tell you about my experiences with heart disease. I am Co-owner of Central Valley Nutrition. Not only do we have an online store but also a small shop in our beautiful Manteca, California town. I am also a certified massage therapist graduating from the National Holistic Institute in October of 1995. Also that same year, I became a certified personal trainer, working at 24hr Fitness and Club Sport of Pleasanton. I have done the gym work and the independent route for training and massage. I started in the nutritional supplement business in 2005 as an online retailer. The first run was known as Supplement Basics. I was Naïve and thought I could compete with the big boys. Second time around, I found a niche Half Pint Nutrition which will be back up and running this year.

On November 30th, 2011, I woke up, and while I was going to the bathroom, I felt chest pain, and my left arm was achy. My wife at the time called 911, and it was confirmed later that day I had a heart attack, a stent was inserted into my artery known as the widowmaker. Today on my Facebook memories, my first workout after my heart attack. It was a bittersweet memory. I remember going to the gym; I was Excited! Now being a trainer, I knew I would have muscle memory; however, at that moment, I realized I couldn’t even do a dumbbell curl with five pounds. I was so devastated and overcome with emotion that I started to cry right there in the gym. I am not looking for sympathy on this; I’m just explaining what I went through.

Fast forward December 4th, 2016. Family Christmas party. No symptoms, but I felt funny couldn’t explain what was going on. The next day in the ER again, this time after testing, found a 75% and 100% blockage. I had two angiograms in three days; the 75% blockage was cleared and stented. The 100% blockage they couldn’t even make a dent. December 15th, I went to San Francisco to the specialist and no luck.

In February 2017, we bought Down 2 Earth and changed the name to Central Valley Nutrition. This is where my supplement regimen began, a supplement regimen to help my heart. If I follow my medication regimen, I will just be buying time. Adding supplements, I’m changing the state of my disease. In August, I was back in the ER (when you have heart disease, that’s where you go, no regular doctor visits for me except follow-ups) to find out that 1. They could not clear the blockage yet 2. My 100% blockage has been reduced to 90%.

I plan to update with a new blog post chronicling my journey in fitness during these COVID trials!